IT Support & Managed IT Services

Zillatech is the leading provider of remote and on-site IT help in the United Kingdom. The company has offices in both London and Manchester, in addition to providing IT service remotely. By using an experienced team of IT experts and a strategy that is totally focused on your requirements, we are able to provide the tools, skills, and infrastructure that will be necessary to aid you in accelerating the performance of your organisation.

The real advantages of remote it support

Businesses may have essential IT problems fixed quickly, decreasing downtime and resulting in cost savings, thanks to remote IT help. Zilla Tech can help you with your IT issues whether you reside in London, Manchester, or anywhere else in the United Kingdom. As long as you're focused on running your company, we'll keep your IT systems and devices running smoothly with our round-the-clock remote support services.

  • Providers that are both fast and easy to work with
  • Waiting for a technician to come is a waste of time.
  • There will be little impact on your business, your staff, and your customers.
  • Why work with us

    We prioritise you.

    Your experience with us should be the greatest you've ever had in terms of customer service. Our whole focus is on cultivating long-term relationships with each and every one of our clients.

    We may be reached at any time.

    Our highly trained employees are on call 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. We'll get back to you as quickly as possible, whether you come to see us or send a message via Tower.

    Things can and will become better if we can work together.

    We assess your current situation and your long-term goals, and then provide recommendations for actions and planning strategies that will help you get there.

    We will protect you.

    Our objective is to keep you secure so that you may concentrate on operating a successful company rather than on IT issues. Experts in cyber defence can create and implement a security solution for your organisation.

    Our approach to information technology (IT) is both insightful and thoughtful.

    We've simplified the ordering procedure so that it just takes four easy steps, saving you a lot of time.


    If you're searching for a methodical design team, we are it. We may be able to design an IT ecosystem that is "solution-agnostic" and hence perfect for your business. As a result, we don't rely on "off the shelf" cloud infrastructure; instead, we design custom solutions that are tailored to suit your immediate and long-term requirements. A combination of the two is also possible.
    Our strategic planning process begins with a detailed scope of work that includes everything from the implementations your users are now using to your information needs to your growth ambitions.


    The infrastructure of your information technology is not only essential for day-to-day operations, but it also serves as the basis of your company. We will construct for you a rigorous information technology system that is consistently dependable, adaptive, and easy to deploy. This system will accomplish precisely what you want it to do and will provide you with a solid foundation for both your present and future business applications.


    We are an experienced distribution team, and we will handle the buildout, the transfer of employees, the job participation, and the processes associated with going online. Zilla Tech makes it a point to look out for its employees at every stage of the production process, ensuring that they are kept up to date, have a strong sense of commitment, and are provided with the necessary onshore support and training to carry out their responsibilities to the best of their abilities.

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