We are a leading provider of digital products and IT solutions.


We assist in the development of visual strategies.

Zilla Tech is our company name. We design award-winning websites, outstanding brands, and cutting-edge apps.

UI / UX Design
Apps Development
Stephanie Lawrence
Alex Regelman
Stacey Stamper
Stephanie Lawrence

About us

The exciting thing about us and who we truly are!

Over the last two years, Zilla Tech has grown at an exponential rate. We now employ over ten people and serve over fifty customers from a wide range of sectors and industries across the United Kingdom.

We are a leading IT solution provider in the United Kingdom, with a devoted international following for our exceptional digital solutions and IT services. Our principles guide every project we work on.

We, on the other hand, place a premium on long-term partnerships that get to the heart of the business and help our clients develop market-leading products

1 Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve and deliver exceptional services to our customers while also growing the business.

2 Our Goals

Our goal is to put you first and deliver outstanding work and service that will benefit you in the long run. Your satisfaction is important to us, as is your smile.

3 Why Us?

We are quick and work efficiently to provide the best services to our customers without leaving you hanging on a cliff. We care about our customers and get things done correctly.


Our Clients

Our scope of work includes design, graphics, branding, and development.