Images that are immersive and seamless in order to engage your audience.

This is ZillaWall

The display experience provided by the ZillaWall Video Wall system is the most immersive of any solution currently available on the market. The ultra-slim bezel widths allow a broad variety of display sizes and attractive layouts while providing a presentation that is practically indistinguishable from one another.

High contrast display

Panels with a high level of durability and contrast will guarantee that your message can be read in any environment.

Individually Tailored Configuration

You can create the perfect canvas for your setting by making use of individualized layout setups.

Creative Content

Utilizing the signage software, you can produce information that is both eye-catching and capable of being sent to the displays from any distant place.

Our Video Walls

Images of a high quality are produced by the video wall as a result of the use of panels that have a high contrast, are anti-glare, and have a long lifetime. Either a single display that takes up the whole screen or numerous displays may be selected.
Utilizing eye-catching digital signage is one way to differentiate your store's window display or retail display from the competition.
Control may be offered immediately from a local or remote PC, giving you the ability to rapidly change your material to better address the needs of your customers or visitors.

Managed by Zilla Tech Solution

At ADN, we assume full responsibility for each AV project; not only do we build each solution, but we also produce the content for your signs in-house. This differentiates us from other companies in the industry that only offer gear.
The LCD video walls that we provide are accessible in a variety of locations, including Blackburn, Blackpool, Preston, Manchester, and London.
A project that is totally handled by our expert team means that you can depend on us to surpass your expectations, which ultimately results in a procedure that is easier and less costly because of the removal of a middleman.

Environment using video walls


Solutions that capture the eye in order to enhance the experience of the consumer and increase the number of chances for marketing.

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Improve the experience of your customers with digital signage that is both fully integrated and easy to administer.

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Make advantage of interactive displays and various methods for wayfinding in order to boost visitor engagement and experiences.

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